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"Great facilitation is when people come together & create new ideas to inspire them to act.. "

I have been facilitating team meetings for over 20 years, ranging from small leadership teams to conferences of 200 people or more. I have qualified as a facilitator in The Thinking Environment allowing me to adopt techniques proven to transform meetings & generate more creativity & ideas when teams come together that last beyond the meeting.


All facilitation is tailored to your particular needs and we love working with teams to create new and innovative ideas....


“Many thanks for facilitating our session today. It was a really good event and we've had great feedback. Your input was excellent - loved your style and hope we can work together again.” Eleri de Gilbert, NHS England


Attention . Equality . Ease . Place . Incisive Questions . Diversity . Information . Feelings . Encouragement . Appreciation



 Sandal, Wakefield, West Yorkshire

Tel. 01924 251067 / 07917 734327


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