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By Rachel Day, Sep 28 2016 11:19AM

My dad often says to me "So what is it you do again?" and over the years I have tried to hone my response to this question whilst letting go of all the assumptions that sit behind it!

Is coaching really worthwhile and does it really make a difference? is a challenge I am always asking myself and I have learnt with experience that the more I want to make a difference and appear valuable as a coach the less I am. You see in my efforts to do this, I am taking ownership for the coaching session away from you. Suddenly it is about my ego and not your ability to think for yourself.

So in a nutshell, I believe coaching is about getting out of your way and letting you shine.

Recently I discovered that when we are in a shaky position with our thinking and feeling lost around what we are trying to do, deep down we don't want to be rescued. We want to be given the space to rescue ourselves. We want to feel safe to share our most vulnerable thoughts without someone trying to make us feel better, we want to challenge ourselves to come through and succeed without a feeling that we only did it because of others, we want complete freedom to think without judgement or opinion and we want to hold ourselves to account.

So where does the coach come in? - They create the space that makes this possible...

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